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Royal marble collection

Travertine royal gold exceptionally attractive color with hints of golden several areas with extensive outcroppings of travertine were discovered on the eastern bank of the Jordan valley Jordanian travertine varies from light cream and beige to shades of brown and yellow. Water absorption: 1.94% Density: 2.460 kg/m3

Cross cut Shape

Royal gold dark

Royal gold light

Royal gold

Regular Cut Shape

Royal gold dark

Royal gold light

Royal gold


royal gray grayish color marble extracted from the Al-karak area about 100 km south of Amman ranges from light to dark gray, this magnificent shade grayish almost mink like color accentuated by an array of charcoal veins and fossils intrusions. Karaki has very good mechanical features, being the hardest Jordanian marble. Water absorption: 0.75-1.8%. Density: 2.690kg/m3.

Royal gray light

Royal gray dark

Ajloun royal beige, yellowish color limestone

light beige with yellow and white tones, Ajloun limestone comes from a mountainous area 40-50 km north-west of Amman, close to the celebrated roman city of Jerash. Water absorption: 0.7-1.2% Density: 2.655 kg/m3.

Royal beige dark

Royal beige light

Hallabat royal rose

light beige, yellowish beige, rose-colored limestone found on a wide flat plain some 50 km north-east of Amman , Hallabat is one of the most widely used Jordanian limestone for internal and external cladding purposes. It is available in a variety of finishes. Density: 2.577kg/m3 Water absorption: 2.95 %

Royal rose dark

Royal rose light


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